Charming Beauty Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode ???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Miryoku Fujihana
Charming Beauty Coord (チャーミングビューティーコーデ Chāmingu Byūtī Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Peacock's Charm.


Charming Beauty Strapless

A red-violet lace tank-top with lines of dark gray and mint cream going down the center. A pale purple ribbon traces the top with a dark purple bow attached to the left of the chest. The bow is lined by tiny dark gray frills and tiny diamond gem pieces are sewn into the top of the bow with a diamond-shaped diamond gem in the center of it. Four gold chains hang from the center of the bow with small, clear diamonds and three blue diamond gems attached to it. Below the chest is a pale purple band lined by dark gray lace. Below each shoulder is a dark gray lined by light pink lace and a gold chain with a dark purple bow attached to the side, along with three gold chains circling the arm beneath it. At the neck is a gold chain attached to a dark gray string that ties behind it. A sky blue diamond rests at the center with two smaller diamonds surrounding it. It also comes with pink wrist-length gloves that has dark gray ruffles.

Charming Beauty Skirt

A two-layer skirt with the top being rose pink and folded towards the center, held with a silk pink bow. Two gold chains are attached to the bow with three, tiny silver chains with a sky blue diamond gem hanging from the center. The top chain circling the skirt has a row of smaller clear diamonds. A pale purple ruffled piece of material circles the skirt, while the pleated skirt beneath it is silk pink with a thin, black line at each fold, along with a thinner line and a red-violet rose design to match the tulle tracing the bottom of the skirt.

Charming Beauty Pumps

Pale purple pumps with a silver heel. Around each ankle is a silver anklet with a large diamond gem attached to the center with a single, thin silver chain stretching from it to the lower foot, where three tiny diamond gems lay. A dark purple bow is on the back of each heel. Above the right knee is a silk pink and red-violet lace band with a silver chain over it. Attached to it are three silver chains.