Chen Yong Yu
Chén Yǒng Yù
Birthday DateApril 24th
Hair ColorGolden Yellow
Eye ColorDark Green
Home PlaceHong Kong
RelativesMother, father and older brother
Voice ActorHu Xia

Chen Yong-Yu (陈永玉) is a member of the Chinese fanmade idol boyband ZMX, and is represented as the leader of the group. His image color is green.


Yong-Yu is a upbeat, cheerful, easygoing and leader-typed person who always never thinks ahead, as his catchphrase is "Be in the now!", or "在现在! (Zài xiànzài!)". Being energetic most of the time, he sometimes becomes lazy and exhausted, mostly in class or the aftermath of a training session, but every teacher says in every subject he does his best. He is also talented within his singing voice, as people say it's crystal clear and strong.

Yong-Yu admires drawing animals in his free time, and has a talent of drawing animals very well. Some of his best sketches are dogs, cats, sea turtles, dolphins and squirrels.


Yong-Yu is best friends with Jin-Hai. They have a close bond with each other and call each other cute and fun names. Yong-Yu calls Jin-Hai "人鱼" or Merman, due to Yong-Yu's perspective of him looking like a merman.



  • 陈 means old
  • 永 means eternal
  • 玉 means jade

So his name means "old eternal jade".


  • Sometimes he has some crazy ideas unplanned, so he secretly says "糖蜂蜜冰茶" or "Sugar Honey Iced Tea", which is a innuendo from the western movie Madagascar.

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