Choko Fujimoto
My Akiatsu oc
Chōko Fujimoto
Birthday DateDecember 24
Hair Colorbrown
Eye Colorblack
Idol Info
AuraBlue bubble ocean
BrandNaturela Spindrela and Dance fusion
Partner(s)Amura Takahashi
SchoolDream Academy
School CoordTBA
"come on shine bright to the fullest and never stop "

Choko Fujimoto is an idol and designer she is from Dream Academy she cute type idol but her designs are cute ,pop and srxy

She would always preform to make her and her fans Happy she always makes outfits she had made two outfits Aquatic coord and Fire Flame coord she would wear her brand and Dance fusion brand and sometimes LoLi Gothic her new and first brand is called Naturela spindarela

her favorite Designer is Firanzia Vice Ronaldi AKA Prince Vice


Choko is optimistic,Happy and Caring as a designer she treats her clients with respect she will give them she will sometimes do there design if she can and she always will


Before ,becoming an idol and designer Choko work in her family catering shop they would always get costumers soon after Choko became a newbie idol .Years back Choko always loved the elements of this world soon after at the age of 12 she started to draw her designs she fist stated to draw horrible then started improving soon she found a designer name Firanzia Vice Ronald she always loved her design so much . Her main goal was to become a top Idol and top designer and make all the idols shine bright with her outfits and meet her favorite designer

Like every Aikatsu idol Choko has her own aura , which was taken from her first outfit and her love of the sea which is lue bubble oceans and the sea swaying around her. she enjoys making and drawing outfits during her days off she goes to a coffee in the morning and brings her sketchpad then goes to to the park to get inspiration and relaxation when Choko's first day of dream Academy she met Amura which she bumped into while finding her room after she found her room she met her roommate named Izumi they became friends soon after Amura, Izumi and Choko became BFF's soon they'll meet a new person how will her future be


Choko - (蝶子 ) Butterfly child

Fujimoto- ( 藤本 ) "base, root, origin". since she her flast name was from the original Fujimoto


  • she started designing at the age of 12
  • Choko is Lilylight's first Aikatsu character
  • she loves Heartbeat Masurade ,Dance Fusion and "LoLi  GoThiC"
  • she afriad of heights