The Citrine Dream Coord (シトリンドリームコーデ?) is the school dress used by Hoshiakari Arisa in Aikatsu! B&W.



Citrine Dream Top

The top consists of a white, on sleeved blouse on which the emblem of DreAca is visible. Over the blouse, she wears a orange vest, that is also one sleeved and a short tie, which is tied around her neck and is orange, yellow and pink colored. The place where the blouse and the vest join is a yellow ribbon. It also includes white gloves that have yellow frilly around the wrists.

Citrine Dream Skirt

The skirt is different colored. There are orange-red, orange, yellow, bright yellow, as well as pink lines on the skirt and orange colored pockets on both sides of the skirt. The skirt is closed with a golden rim, which is followed by yellow ruffles. At the top of the skirt, there is a dark purple belt with golden buttons and rims.

Citrine Dream Boots

The boots of the coord are dark redish brown, almost black colored, with an orange part at the top and orange rims, that is followed by yellow ruffles. She also wears dark red socks, that end under her knees.