Colorful Feather Parade Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 3
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Miryoku Fujihana
Colorful Feather Parade Coord (カラフルェザーパレードコーデ Karafuru Fezā Parēdo Kōde) is a normal, sexy type brandless coord. It is Miryoku Fujihana's school coord.


Colorful Feather Parade Top

A blue tank top lined with green and purple ruffles. In the center of the chest is are green feathers with a golden eyes with blue pupils. On each side of the chest are bright blue and bright purple feathers with the peacock's eye in them. Comes with a dark purple cloth that ties around the neck with a bow on the side, which has a green star in the middle. It also comes with dark blue cuffs for the wrist with dark green feathers around them.

Colorful Feather Parade Skirt

A purple pleat skirt with lines of blue and green all over it. On each pleat are two sections of material; the top corner having dark purple with a single line of green, while the bottom has dark blue. The band on top is purple with blue lining, and attached to the side is a gold button with a star and tassle hanging from it. Under the skirt are dark blue, dark green, and dark purple ruffles and feathers.

Colorful Feather Parade Knee-High Boots

Tall dark purple boots with a dark blue and dark green heel and bottom. At the tongue of each boot rests a blue and purple lined bow, while at the top is green coloring with gold detail on and beneath it. White ruffles stick out from the top of the boot.

Colorful Feather Accessory

A blue headband worn to the side with faux peacock feathers attached to it.