Cool Glam Capricorn Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)???
User(s)Naomi Inoue
Cool Glam Capricorn Coord (クールグラムキャプリコーンコーデコーデ Kūru Guramu Kyapurikōn Kōde) is premium rare constellation/celestial coord by the pop brand Glam Glitter.


Cool Glam Capricorn One Shoulder

A shiny, sapphire top lined in silver. The top of the chest has a detail on the silver material with a single sapphire diamond-shaped gem in the middle, while beneath the chest are two silver straps with a single diamond on each side. On the right shoulder is a silver strap with a ruffled, glittery sleeve attached to it. The sleeve is sappphire with indigo towards the bottom and silver lining. Comes with a single, elbow-length indigo glove with a silver cuff, and a silver choker with a pale blue glittery cape hanging from the back. Capricorn is written in cursive sky blue letters on the side of the torso.

Cool Glam Capricorn Skirt

A dark blue and indigo glittery skirt with pale blue semi-pleat and glitter designs applied. The skirt is short on the right with the left side longer in length.

Cool Glam Capricorn Boots

Sapphire boots with a silver toe, heel, and cuff. Around the ankle is a silver strap with four pale blue diamond gems attached to it.

Cool Glam Capricorn Crown

A simple silver crown with seven tiny crystal diamonds on each of the thin sections sticking up that form the Capricorn constellation. Four sapphire diamonds circle a very large crystal diamond in the middle. Sticking out of the back are small silver and gold wing tips, with large crystalized wings sticking out of those. The wings start out sapphire and fade into crystal with a row of crystal diamonds alternating with very tiny gold beads. Each ear gets a rainbow prism-colored diamond gem.