Cosmos System (コスモスシステム Kosumosu Shisutemu) is the Aikatsu! system upgrade used in Aikatsu: Galaxy!. It consists of two parts: The Cosmos and the Neo-Constellation System.

Theory and Usage

The Cosmos System is based off of celestial bodies during the first half, and, like the 2014 series, constellations, during the second half. The cards are based on whatever celestial body the designer had choosen. During the second meeting of that year, it was decided that the constellation dresses would be based on their top representative zodiac signs.


Cosmos Dress: A premium rare dress from any part of the system. Wearing one allows the user to perform either a Solar Appeal or a Constellation Appeal.

Cosmos Fever: An Appeal-like feature used when the idols enter the stage, and is based on the topic of the Cosmos Dress. The Fever is only able to be performed once per performance.

Cosmos Appeal: Appeals that are based on a constellation or planet, depending on which dress you're wearing; similar to a normal Special Appeal. The excitement meter must be full in order to perform one.


The first part of the Cosmos system, called the Solar System, was unveiled to the public with a special live by Madeline in Episode 13 of Aikatsu Galaxy, with her wearing her own Cosmos Dress, the Angel Moon Coord, performing the Moon Cosmos Fever and Crystal Queen's Cosmos Appeal.

Soon after, in Episode 15 of the anime, Shizuka debuts her brand's Cosmos Dress, the Amore Venus Coord.


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