Crystal Queen Coord
クリスタル クイーン コーデ
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (DCD)Part 0
First Appearance (Anime)The Moon Rises
Crystal Queen Coord (クリスタル クイーン コーデ Kurisutaru Kuīn Kōde) is the first coord of the brand Crystal Queen. It is a cute-type premium rare coord.


Crystal Queen Top

A sleeveless top made of large indigo, lime, sky blue, and fuchsia ribbons that all have small white circle gems on them. The ribbons are all pointing upwards and are connected to a single large gold star that is outlined by a gradient of the ribbon colors. Right underneath the star, there is a magenta ribbon that is decorated with small but fancy gold designs. Comes with a bracelet with bright pink, royal blue and lime green pearls that is worn on the left wrist.

Crystal Queen Skirt

A white skirt that has green, blue, red, pink, purple and yellow gems scattered around it. On both sides of the skirt, there is a long magenta ribbons lined in thin gold with gold designs on them all the way down the ribbons, with a large rainbow gradient star in the middle of the ribbons.  

Crystal Queen Heels

Midnight blue pumps decorated with golden sparkles. At the knee, there is a band of diamonds, each colored with a different color of the rainbow.

Crystal Queen Tiara

A metallic white tiara with four gems on it, one indigo, one lime, one sky blue and one in fuchsia. There is also a large star made of a gradient of all of these colors at the very top in the center of the tiara. Comes with rainbow dangle earrings attached to pale yellow, blue and green gradient angel wings with a gold heart in the center.