Cupcake Party Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
BOOMParty Deco
Debut (DCD)Part 4
Cupcake Party Coord (カップケーキパーティーコーデ) is a normal coord by Crystal Queen's. It is Crystal Queen's Party Deco BOOM Coord.

Description Edit

Cupcake Party Sweater

A white sweater with a single vanilla cupcake print with a cherry on top decorating the side, with the cupcake being in a mint green wrapper. There is also a pocket closer to the top that has five hearts all in different pastel color shades that form a flower-like shape on it.

Cupcake Party Leggings

Cream yellow leggings with the same vanilla cupcake print from the sweater, along with both a chocolate and strawberry variation, this time in a random pattern going around the front and back of the leggings.

Cupcake Party Booties

Ankle-length bubblegum pink bootie shoes decorated with white polka dots. The shoes have fuchsia heels and short plum laces. at the tongue of each boot, there is a little vanilla cupcake pin, similar to the one found on the sweater.

Cupcake Party Headband

A thick hot pink head band. At the edge of the headband, there is a large vanilla cupcake, like the one featured throughout the coord, except decorated with many different colored sprinkles instead of a single red cherry.