Cute Floral Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 4
Debut (Anime)Episode 18: Innocently Cute
Cute Floral Coord (かわいい花コーデ Kawaī Hana Kōde) is a normal, cute type coord made by Crystal Queen.


Cute Floral Top

A white sleeveless fur shirt with a light pink gradient going on the petal-shaped straps. It has thin black vine patterns sewn into it. Worn with a golden necklace with the charm in an outline of a flower.

Cute Floral Skirt

A green skirt with the same small black vines from the top sewn into it, except with the skirt there are small yellow, blue, orange and hot pink flowers sewn into it, all of which have light pink centers. The hem of the skirt is sage green with dusty pink rose patterns.

Cute Floral Boots

Leaf green ankle boots with yellow flowers as the buttons, but this flower has a circular light blue gem for the center. Wavy silver lines are going down the boots, and go down until the foot section. The boots have a dark brown heel.

Cute Floral Accessory

A hair accessory made up of pink flower with a plum center surrounded by four other flowers in blue, yellow, orange and purple, each with their centers being darker than the color of the petals.