Cutely Charming
MembersMiryoku Fujihana and Manami Hanae
TypeSexy and Cute

"Sweet and Savory! We're Cutely Charming!" - Cutely Charming's catchphrase

Cutely Charming (キュートリーチャーミング Kyūtorī Chāmingu) is an idol unit composed of Miryoku Fujihana and Manami Hanae. The unit was first formed and debuted in Aikatsu! Passion Stars Episode 10: Cutely Charming.


Formation and Debut Live

Cutely Charming was first formed for the Double Comeback Audition between Miryoku and Manami. They won due to their harmony and contrasting between each other. As a result, Cutely Charming became an official duo unit; Miryoku and Manami received their own unit coords, which are rare coords from their respective brands, for winning the audition. Miryoku would be producing and managing the unit while Manami would be in charge of PR and outfits for the unit.

Unit Information


Unit Dresses


  • Sweet and Savory Delight


  • Charming Etude Stage


  • The unit's name comes from Miryoku's charm and Manami's cuteness.

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