Dainty Princess Stage Outfit
AppearanceRyou-chan's Idol Rescue Mission Episode 2
AbilityIncreases the audience's love points
UserMakino Haru

Dainty Princess Stage Outfit (デーンティープリンセスステージ服?) is Makino Haru's second official stage outfit, which she gains during her first transformation into Dainty Princess. The outfit makes its debut in Ryou-chan's Idol Rescue Mission Episode 2.


A top composed of indigo, pale blue, and violet coloring to resemble a fancy design covered with various white markings in various shapes and sizes all over it. At the center of the torso and reaching just past the top of the chest is a pearl piped design. At the center, bottom, and back corners of the top is coloring of sapphire to match the shoulder straps; each with a translucent silk sleeve on top of it. Comes with long white gloves that have a sapphire cuff and design on the top portion of it. On each wrist is a bracelet with a sapphire stone in the center. For the neck, there is a white lace choker with sapphire ruffles attached to the bottom of the hem, along with a large pale blue sphere. It comes with a four layer tutu skirt. The top of the skirt is sapphire with tiny, pale blue dots resembling glitter. A shiny piped design of violet, pale blue, white, and dark blue traces the hem, while attached to the back is a pair of small white feathery wings. The second layer is pale indigo while the third layer is white. The fourth layer is indigo. It also comes with sapphire glittering pumps that resemble ballerina shoes. On each toe is a single white winged accessory, while the heel and bottom are lined by indigo with a ribbon matching it, tied from the heel to the ankle in a bow. Comes with white stockings with a glittering sapphire, large winged design stretched out on it. The cuff is pale blue. It also comes with a silver tiara with sapphires embedded in it.