Devils little Angel- song of a true Angel
Episode 1
Episode Information
Kanji 真の天使の歌
Romaji Shin no tenshi no uta
Air date December 1st 2016
Opening TBA
Ending TBA
Episode Guide
Song of a true Angel is the 1st episode of Devils little Angel. the insert song is TBA


1000 years a Goddess (Mother nature ) and God sings her beautiful and seeing how earth is like it seemed perfect until the earth corporation began .the next screen appeared Satan the culprit of the earth's corruption then 160 beams came to earth but when they got to earth they were getting separated to be in different countries 8 were together the beams were hitting different people every 50 years the beams hit the teens for the new generation.I the story starts off with Ai and Yukio. Ai is a new student at ( insert school name )

How will it turn out

( gonna make the episode tomorrow )

Episode story

Episode 1 story

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