Diamond Neptune Coord
BrandStarlight Mademoiselle
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 50
First Appearance (DCD)Part 6
UserMadeline Sycamore
Diamond Neptune Coord (ダイヤモンドネプチューンコーデ Daiyamondo Nepuchūn Kōde) is the Cosmos System premium rare coord made by the brand Starlight Mademoiselle.


Diamond Neptune One-piece

A dark blue dress with white designs around the chest. A piece of ruffled material is sewn to the center of the chest with three cyan diamonds attached to it. A large cyan bow is sewn to the back of the dress. The skirt is in five layers; one of which is a horizontal ruffle split down the center to reveal the other ruffled layers, the last of which is white. Lining the top layer of skirt are cyan diamonds, with four diamonds on each side.

Diamond Neptune Heels

Sky blue glass pumps with a bow on the outer-side of each foot. The bow has a small white five-point star in the center. Around the ankle are multiple bands made of cyan diamonds.

Diamond Neptune Crown

A cyan crown with white bands circling it, each with diamonds and blue-green tinted aquamarine alternating. On top is a single aquamarine diamond. The bottom is made of translucent blue fabric that is decorated with tiny pink, amethyst, and sky blue gems. Comes with cyan stud earrings with cyan pearls hanging from it, attached to a white five-point star with tiny stones on it. On the back the user gains shimmering dark blue-sea green crystal wings.