Diamond Winter Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 2
The Diamond Winter Coord (ダイヤモンド冬コーデDaiyamondo fuyu kōde) is a normal rarity sexy-type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Diamond Winter Jacket

A sparkly sky blue long sleeved jacket with three white diamond buttons going down the middle of the jacket. The jacket is worn closed, but you can still see some of the first layer, in some places such as the hem and the sleeves of the jacket, where it is revealed that the layer being worn underneath is simple, white and frilly, only being laced by small lines of light blue at the edges.

Diamond Winter Skirt

A sky blue skirt with eight-pointed stars made of several long white gems all around the front and back of the skirt. The hem of the skirt is long, wavy, and mostly bright violet-blue in color, with the exception of the small white diamonds and sparkles that are on the hem.

Diamond Winter Boots

Tall sky blue boots decorated with two eight point stars made out of the same white jewels as the one on the skirt, and the largest and center star being made out of similar violet-blue jewels. The bottoms of the shoes are the same violet-blue in color.

Diamond Winter Headband 

A thick cyan headband with a row of dark blue sapphires going up the band. On the left side of the headband, there is a thick white snowflake shape, which is also graced with aquamarine stones going around its points.