Edo Mikan
江戸 味甘
Edo Mikan
SeasonAikatsu Sparkle
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorOrange

Edo Mikan is a character appearing in Aikatsu Sparkle. Mikan is the head designer of the brand Ghostly Celeb. Mikan is a lot like Hanami and loves nothing more than the holiday helloween.


Mikan is a lovely person. She really loves Halloween and shows them every second of her life. She even wears an outfit that resembles a Halloween costume. Her personality is pretty similar to Hanami's.


Edo (江戸?) - Edo comes from E (?) meaning "creek" or "bay", combined with Do (?) meaning "door". So Edo means "creek door".

Mikan (味甘?) - Mikan comes from Mi (?) meaning "taste", combined with Kan (?) meaning "sweet". So Mikan means "sweet taste". However, Mikan (みかん?) means "mandarin orange".



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