Madeline Sycamore Kireina Reine Tsukino

Eihi Bokerdole
Hair Colormint green
Eye Colorgrey
Home PlacePriparis
SeiyuuChinatsu Akasaki
Singing VoiceChinatsu Akasaki
Idol Info
BrandMarionette Mu
Eihi Bokerdole is the Pripara counterpart of Madeline Sycamore. She is a lovely type idol who uses the brand Marionette Mu.


Through out the series, Eihi is very naive, and doesn't know a lot of words; so she tends to repeat the words and actions of others. Her voice sounds robotic, instantly giving off the hint to others that she is probably not your average girl. Due to Eihi's constant dazed state, Her mascot, Lulu, often guides her. 


Eihi has gray eyes and straight light green hair. Her bangs are eye-length, and she wears a pair of gray headphones on her head. She is often shown wearing a regal coord of mainly pink and white.


  • Eihi is the only one out of Madeline and her counterparts to use a brand canon to her series.