Elegant Summer Beach Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Elegant Summer Beach Coord (エレガントなサマービーチコーデ) is a rare sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Elegant Summer Beach Top

A magenta top with golden sparkles topping the chest. Where the sparkles finish, there is a large magenta ribbon. The strap sleeves are made up of alternating yellow and sky blue square-shaped beads. There are dark purple ruffles at the top and bottom of the shirt. Comes with a golden necklace that has ruby beads hanging down on parts of the chain, and a golden crescent charm at the center, as well as a single golden bracelet for each wrist.

Elegant Summer Beach Skirt

A magenta skirt that fades to sugar pink with white sparkles going downwards. Going down from the waist there are three chains; an alternating chain of large blue pearls with small golden ones, a chain with small white pearls, and a chain with alternating glittery rubies and sapphires of the same size. On the left side, there is a glittery magenta ribbon with a large golden teardrop shape in the middle. The hem of the skirt is golden.

Elegant Summer Beach Sandals

Magenta sandals with frilly dark purple straps that have a golden crescent moon shape in the middle. Comes with a single golden anklet on the left leg.

Elegant Summer Beach Headband

A silver headband with a layer of frilly material on the right side. There is a yellow crescent moon clip holding the frill to the headband. Comes with ruby droplet-shaped earrings