Elle (エル Elle) is a major character in The Moon Rises, and a minor character in Aikatsu: Galaxy!. She is a well known idol, and the former top idol of Hokkaido, as well as a former Polaris Champion. She now owns and runs the Sunshine Office, and independently-run idol management office.


Elle became the top idol of Hokkaido when she her single, Mystic Flames, quickly reached the top of the charts in the region. Much like Augustine Sycamore did for Madeline when she was training to become the top idol, the former headmistress of the school personally trained her. When Madeline won the Polaris Champion Cup, she decided to become an independent traveling idol.


Elle is tall for her age, and has maroon hair that is commonly worn in two big ponytails that go down to her shoulders. Her bangs remain un-styled. She has orange-red eyes. In the present day, she is shown wearing a white top under a yellow knit jacket, jeans, and black flats.


Madeline Sycamore: Madeline has been shown to look up to Elle when the pressure is on. While Elle was still at the academy, the two had a friendly rivalry. In Aikatsu: Future Dream! they are shown to be in a relationship with one another.


  • Her theme color is gold, and her aura consists of orange sparkles, magenta feathers, and opals.
  • Her singing voice is Risuko from StarAnis.
  • Elle is just a stage name. Her real name is Akari Natsuno