Energetic Pop Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 2: Can the Two of Us Be Friends?
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Gekijou Nakamura
Energetic Pop Coord (エヌジェティックポップコーデ Enujetexikku Poppu Kōde) is a rare coord by the pop brand Bubblegum Pop Rock. It is Gekijou Nakamura's Glam Pop unit coord.


Energetic Pop Top

A white tube top with gold lining is worn beneath a dark orange vest with a sky blue line pattern and gold lining, along with a pattern of gold stars. A single gold medallion-style button is sewn to the left side of the vest. The lapel is split into two designs, the top being a rainbow tile, the bottom solid yellow. An orange sphere on a gold base is sewn to the left side of the lapel. It comes with white fingerless gloves with a single gold line around the hem, along with large spherical rainbow bracelets. It also has a yellow ribbon with white ruffled lining beneath the right shoulder, and a sky blue gumdrop-shaped necklace.

Energetic Pop Skirt

A two-layer skirt. The top is shaped into two flaps that hang from the bottom of the back, lined in gold with a print of sky blue lines and gold stars. Two gold buttons are sewn to the waistband. The inside of the skirt is orange-colored. The second skirt is white with a yellow-orange gumdrop design.

Energetic Pop Boots

Dark orange boots with white solid toe and gold heel and bottom. On each ankle is a sky blue gumdrop-shaped anklet lined in gold. The cuff is yellow with gold lines and lining, and beneath it are two gold straps held with gold star buttons.

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