Energy Jelly Candy Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 55: The Self-Proclaimed Princess VS The Real Princess
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Gekijou Nakamura
Energy Jelly Candy Coord (エナジージェリーキャンディコーデ Enajī Jerī Kyandi Kōde) is a premium rare coord by the pop brand Bubblegum Pop Rock.


Energy Jelly Candy Blouse

A bright orange blouse with two stripes of color on each sleeve, one of dark pink and one light blue. Around the bottom is lined in light blue with a white ruffled piece of material sticking out from beneath. The collar and cuff are white with colorful gemstones sewn to it. Going down the center is a ruffled piece of white material lined in light blue with a row of four gems going down the center, a pale yellow diamond, a purple circle, a sky blue square, and a dark pink oval. At the center of the neck is a pink and yellow wrapped candy. Comes with long white gloves with yellow lining around the cuff and a row of colorful gemstones.

Energy Jelly Candy Skirt

A dark pink semi-pleated skirt with yellow lining and a light red dripping jelly-like design from the top, coming with dark purple, light yellow, and pale pink candies. On the skirt are designs of purple, blue, and light pink wrapped candies, orange and yellow wrapped candy, colorful jellybeans, and white dots reminiscent of sparkles. Around the top is a pattern design of the Bubblegum Pop Rock logo, while hanging around the bottom are bright, colorful gemstones on top of a white petticoat.

Energy Jelly Candy Boots

Bright orange shoes with a purple toe, bottom, and heel. The string area is accented with lines of dark pink. On the top of each lower leg is white material with the bottom lined in pale yellow and pale pink, along with light pink swirls and a two-layer cuff, each lined in dark yellow, one of them with layers of gemstones sewn in a circle.

Energy Jelly Candy Headband

A headband made of three wrapped candies; one orange, one pale pink, and one purple. Several small colorful spheres accent it. Comes with three yellow bead dangle earrings with a konpeito at the bottom, one dark and one sky blue.