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B & W♡GO! Live
Episode 01
Episode Information
Kanji B & W♡GO! ライブ
Romaji B & W♡GO! Raibu
Air date October 6, 2016
Opening Dream GO Live!
Ending Premium☆Time
Episode Guide
Episode 02: The Starry Sky of idols!

B & W♡GO! Live is the first episode of the fith season (5年目 lit. "5th Year"?) of Aikatsu; Aikatsu! B&W, and is the debut episode of Tsukikawa Izumi and Hioka Sakura. Let's Aikatsu! is the insert song of this episode.


Izumi and Sakura are best friends and have always dreamt of being idols. Lucky for them, the two met one of the popular idol unit Luminas. The girl was Ozora Akari. She told them two join the Starlight academy. To do so, they had the chance by competiting the Lucky Chance Audition. And so, Izumi and Sakura decided to do it and then become idols!




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