The Beginning of Yunho
Episode 01
Episode Information
Kanji ゆんほのはじまり
Romaji Yunho no Hajimari
Air date 26th of April
Opening TBA
Insert Song Lucifer by Yunho Jin
Ending Let's Aikatsu by Naokamayu
Episode Guide
A Duet With My Roommate
The Beginning of Yunho is the premiere episode of the series Aikatsu Boys!. The episode aired on 26th of April 2016.


Episode 1 Transcript

After Yunho Jin graduated from the trainee unit White Star to move with his family to Tokyo, he says his farewells to his fellow members Woohyun, Sungmin and Taemin. Yunho and his father explored the city of Harajuku the next day when Yunho saw 2ELECTRiC, and decided to audition because of them. He'll never know that the people he'll meet will be his friends for a long time within the series.


  • Yunho Jin
  • Woohyun Kwon
  • Sungmin Yeong
  • Taemin Choi
  • Ms Jin
  • Mr Jin
  • Ryo Chinen
  • Kazuya Tegoshi
  • Nao Tachibana
  • Masato Okamura
  • Katsumi Inaba
  • Katsuki Jinno
  • Airi Ryotsu
  • Kurumi Kasuga
  • Miki Arashiame


  • Lime Hip Coord (ライムヒップコーデ)
  • Crimson Hop Coord (クリムゾンホップコーデ)
  • Ruby Stage Coord (ルビーステージコーデ)*
  • Tangerine Stage Coord (タンジェリンステージコーデ)*

*- makes a cameo


  • This is the first Aikatsu episode on an Aikatsu series that shows the entrance audition rather than the debut audition.
  • In some part of the last scene in the transcript, it says the words anneyeong and anneyeonghaseyo, which means good-bye and hello in Korean, which shows that Yunho uses Korean words in Japanese sentences.
  • The episode was inspired by the Aikatsu Stars! prologue episode, The Beginning of A Dream.

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