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The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived!
Episode 217
Episode Information
Kanji アイドルプリンセスマデリーンシカモアがやってきた!
Air date April 30, 2017
Opening Go For Passion!
Insert Song Idol Activity!, The Unstoppable Fire, and Moonlight Etude
Ending All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Episode Guide
Episode 16: ???
Episode 18: Innocently Cute
The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived! (アイドルプリンセスマデリンシカモーがやってきた! Aidoru Purinsesu Madorin Shikamoa ga yattekita!) is the 217th episode of the Aikatsu! anime, and the 17th episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year).


The day that everyone in Shooting Star Academy's middle school has highly anticipated has finally arrived! Today is the day that the temporary transfer student, Madeline Sycamore, comes to study at their school as a part of a temporary transfer program, and Gekijou and her friends are determined to learn more about the Aikatsu Princess.


Character Appearances

Major Events

Madeline Sycamore arrives from Polaris Academy in Hokkaido to Shooting Star Academy.


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