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Innocently Cute
Episode 218
Episode Information
Kanji イノセントリーキュート
Romaji Inosentorī Kyūto
Air date May 07, 2017
Opening Go For Passion!
Insert Song Original Star☆彡, Lucky train!, Idol Activity!
Ending All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Episode Guide
Episode 17: The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived!
Episode 19: Trap of Love Runway!
Innocently Cute (イノセントリーキュート Inosentorī Kyūto) is the 218th episode of the Aikatsu! anime, and the 18th episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year).


The Innocently Cute Idol Festival is today. The participants need to be in pairs to participate, so Madeline and Manami have chosen to pair up. The winning duo will be on the front, back, and have an article about them in the next issue of Truly Cute magazine. As Manami's cuteness is what she's famous for, she's confident that they can win. But after an incident occurs while the pair is practicing, Madeline begins to doubt her strength as an idol.


Character Appearances

Major Events

Madeline, Manami, and the others compete in the Innocently Cute Idol Festival; Madeline and Manami win.


  • This is the first time in Aikatsu! Passion Stars an idol runs out of energy during practice and another idol had to help them recover.

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