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The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
Episode 201
Episode Information
Kanji 中央の子の名声を上昇
Romaji Chūō no ko no meisei o jōshō
Air date January 8, 2017
Opening Go For Passion!
Insert Song Blooming♡Blooming, stranger alien, The Unstoppable Fire, and Be Honest
Ending All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Episode Guide
Aikatsu! Overview
Episode 2: Can the Two of Us Be Friends?
The Middle Child's Rise to Fame (中央の子の名声を上昇) is the 201st episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 1st episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


Shooting Star Academy is holding the entry audition and transfer audition after the Hatsumōde celebration. There are two girls who want to pass the transfer audition for different reasons: Gekijou Nakamura wants to pass because she is tired of being called the "middle child" and wants to prove that she has much talent and potential as her famous family members while Naomi Inoue wants to pass because she wants to save her family's failing restaurant and hopes to become its image girl. But will both of them pass and fulfill their dreams of becoming idols?


Character Appearances

  • Gekijou Nakamura (debut)
  • Naomi Inoue (debut)
  • Asami Kanseimiya (debut)
  • Saku Mishou (debut)
  • Akira Nakamura (debut)
  • Haruto Nakamura (debut)
  • Arata Nakamura (debut)
  • Azami Nakamura (debut)
  • Yuuki Nakamura (debut)
  • Hoshiko Nakamura (debut)
  • Ichiro Inoue (debut)
  • Izumi Inoue (debut)
  • Chikako Ichikawa (debut)
  • Haruki Ichikawa (debut)
  • Atsuko Inoue (debut)
  • Daichi Inoue (debut)
  • Sweet-chan (debut/cameo)
  • Other participants of entrance/transfer audition
  • Haru (debut/cameo)
  • Natsu (debut/cameo)
  • Aki (debut/cameo)
  • Fuyu (debut/cameo)

Major Events

Both Gekijou and Naomi pass the audition to become idols and are now enrolled in Shooting Star Academy.


  • This is the first episode to have a main character say the Aikatsu Aphorism in the beginning of the episode instead of in the ending of the episode.
  • Despite Naomi having her first appearance, Gekijou is the main focus.

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