The star spins and we seek another thing
Episode 1
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Opening Hirari-Hitori-Kirari
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The Star Spins and we seek another thing is the first episode of Star☆Anis Shine!.


After looking up at the stars together, the top idol unit, Soleil is inspired to revive an old unit that hasn't stood on stage together in three years: STAR☆ANIS. Can they convince their friends to bring the old unit back, and come up with a new image for themselves all before their revival becomes a distant dream?



The episode begins with the three members of Soleil lying on a hill and looking up at the stars together. While looking at them, Ichigo is reminded of an old unit that they were all formerly members of by the name of Star☆Anis, and tells Aoi and Ran that she wants to revive it. The two go along with her plan and begin their revival strategy the next morning.

They sit down after being invited by Sakura to have breakfast in the Sakura Chateau, and introduce their plan there. The girls seem very positive about the idea, immediately getting excited about it. But then Yurika points out one flaw that could make the whole plan fall apart: They would be missing a member, their seven compared to the original STAR☆ANIS' eight. Almost immediately afterwards though, Ichigo comes up with the perfect solution: their underclassman, Akari.

Soon after Ichigo calls her, Akari finds out the news and happily accepts her senpai's invitation. Then, with the unit's roster now complete, they begin to come up with a new image starting with a new name, which Aoi comes up with: STAR☆ANIS Shine!.

Character Appearances


  • This episode's title comes from a line in STAR☆ANIS' image song Hirari/Hitori/Kirari.

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