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Today, a New Sensation is being Born
Episode 201
Episode Information
Kanji 今日では、新しい感覚が生まれれています
Romaji Kyō ga umare kawaru sensation
Air date January 5, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Insert Song Idol Activity
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Aikatsu! Overview
Episode 2: The Light of the Stars
Today, a New Sensation is being Born (今日が生まれかわるセンセイション) Is the 201st episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 1st episode of its "5th Season"(5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


The day of the Winter 2017 Starlight Academy Entrance Exams has finally arrived, and there is one particular idol hopeful who's hoping to bring a certain upperclassmen's legends back to the academy. But first, will this idol who has the mysterious motives of a legend get accepted into the famous idol school Starlight Academy?


Orihime Mitsuishi and Johnny Bepp are both standing outside of the Academy, waiting for the first few auditioners to arrive. The earliest girl to arrive is Tsukiko Kanzaki, the younger sister of the legendary Mizuki Kanzaki, who was also a former student of the academy. Orihime explains to Johnny that if she passes her entrance exams, they could have another future top idol on their hands. After letting her younger sister meet the two teachers, Mizuki offers to take her sister on a tour of the campus, which she delightedly agrees to.

After the two sisters finish with their tour of the campus, Mizuki realizes that entrance exams are just about to start. She waits until Tsukiko goes in, and then goes into the auditorium of the academy herself in order to watch her younger sisters live audition. We then see Tsukiko enter the academy to take the written exam and interview portion of the exam, and then it's finally her time to go on to the most well known and most challenging part of the entrance exam; The live audition, where an idol must show her true appeal to both the teachers and her possible future fans.

Tsukiko aces the live audition: She was able to bring out her aura, and on top of that, is able to perform the Sexy Flash Special Appeal. Mizuki then talks to herself in shock, whispering that only the best of the best idols; such as herself and Ichigo Hoshimiya are able to pull off a special appeal during the entrance exams. Afterwards, it is revealed that she passed the entrance exam, and is now on the road to fuffilling a dream that she has kept with her for a long time. To bring the Kanzaki Legends back to Starlight Academy.

Character Appearances

Major Events

  • Tsukiko passes her audition into Starlight Academy, therefore officially becoming an idol.


  • This episode's title is based on the opining line of Start Dash Sensation.

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