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The Light of the Stars
Episode 202
Episode Information
Kanji スターのライト
Romaji Sutā no raito
Air date January 12, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Insert Song Idol Activity!
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 1: Today, a New Sensation is being Born
Episode 3: Shocking Brain Thunder!!
The Light of the Stars (スターのライト Sutā no raito) is the 202nd episode of the Aikatsu anime series and the second episode of the "fifth season" of Aikatsu. (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


It's time for Tsukino and Kokoro's first audition together! They decide to try out to be the campaign image girls for the Light of the Stars Takayoki Shop. Can they pass this audition and start on the trail that their upperclassmen have left for them?


Tsukiko and Kokoro are in the main hall of the school before their morning classes to search for the first idol job they take. They come across a duet audition to become the next Light of the Stars Takayoki campaign girl, which Tsukiko recognizes as being the first audition for true idol work that the extremely popular idols Ichigo Hoshimiya and Aoi Kiriya ever took, so Kokoro assumes that they need to sign up, as it would be helpful for them in the distant future.

After their morning classes are finished for the day, they spend the evening trying the takayoki, and then singing and dancing practice. Kokoro gives a detailed review of the food, and then Tsukiko wonders if she can convey those feelings that she enjoys Takayoki from the Light of the Stars shop to everyone who will be watching her audition.

Soon after, the two of them take the stage, singing Idol Activity! in their school coords. The results of the audition are quickly revealed afterwards, and Kokoro and Tsukiko are revealed to have taken one more step down the road of Aikatsu!, having become the year's Light of the Stars Takayoki Campagin Girls.

Character Appearances


  • This episode features Tsukiko and Kokoro's first duet audition.

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