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Shocking Brain Thunder!!
Episode 203
Episode Information
Kanji ショッキング脳サンダー!
Air date January 19, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Insert Song Angel Snow
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 2: The Light of the Stars
Episode 4: Vivid Fashions of the Future
Shocking Brain Thunder!! (ショッキング脳サンダー!)  Is the 203rd episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 3rd episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year"). The insert song for this episode is Angel Snow.


Kokoro sees an offer for the upcoming Brain Thunder Image Girl Audition, and originally asked Tsukiko to audition with her, but when Tsukiko reveals that she has work for a rival of Brain Thunder known as Moonbeam Cocoa and so she can't go, can Kokoro handle her very first solo audition?


Kokoro is walking around the main hall looking for her next audition to enter when she finds the billboard for the Brain Thunder Image Girl audition. Although it is not required, she wants to enter in a duo group with Tsukiko, as she had so much fun performing with her last time they were on stage together.

She calls Tsukiko on her Aikatsu Phone and asks her if she'd want to audition , but she has to reject the offer, as she is already working as a model for a rivaling Aikatsu Drink, Moonbeam Cocoa. A stunned and slightly jealous Kokoro is shocked at how Tsukiko is already getting some jobs instead of looking for them herself, but Tsukiko insists that the same thing will happen to her eventually.

Even though Tsukiko had to pass on her offer, she still signs up for the audition anyway, and begins practicing immediately. However, she can't seem to focus, as she is still very nervous for her first solo audition. She then goes to reaserch on past Brain Thunder image girls and their personalities, and most of them are cheerful and energetic, and their coords match their personalities perfectly. With that in mind, Kokoro thinks up a new kind of Brain Thunder Image Girl to match Spicy Sweetie. She eventually talks to Tsukiko about her problem, which leads to Tsukiko convincing her that she'd be the perfect muse for Spicy Sweetie and in return, Brain Thunder already.

She eventually chooses Spicy Sweetie's Pink Lemonade Coord for her audition, and performs on stage while singing Angel Snow. Shortly after, the results of the audition are announced, revealing that Kokoro is the 11th generation Brain Thunder Campaign Girl.

Character Appearances

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