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The Secrets and Mysteries of the Charming, Beautiful Flower
Episode 203
Episode Information
Kanji 秘密達と謎達の魅力的で美しい花
Air date January 22, 2017
Opening Go For Passion!
Insert Song CHARM (Charming, isn't it?) and All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Ending All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Episode Guide
Episode 2: Can the Two of Us Be Friends?
Episode 4: The Truly Cute Model is 12 Years Old?!
The Secrets and Mysteries of the Charming, Beautiful Flower (秘密達と謎達の魅力的で美しい花 Himitsu-tachi to nazo-tachi no miryoku-teki de utsukushii hana) is the 203rd episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 3rd episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


Gekijou and Naomi meet Miryoku Fujihana, the well-known idol who is famous for her modeling. They try to befriend and get to know her, but she remains aloof and mysterious towards them. However, the two are determined to know more about her. Will Miryoku open up to Gekijou and Naomi?


Character Appearances

Major Events

Miryoku Fujihana makes her first official appearance.



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