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The Truly Cute Model is 12 Years Old?!
Episode 204
Episode Information
Kanji トルーリーキュートモデルがじゅうに歳ですか?!
Air date January 29, 2017
Opening Go For Passion!
Insert Song Happy Days and All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Ending All Aboard on the Idol Express!
Episode Guide
Episode 3: The Secrets and Mysteries of the Charming, Beautiful Flower
Episode 5: Let's Autograph-katsu!
The Truly Cute Model is 12 Years Old?! (トルーリーキュートモデルがじゅうに歳ですか?!Torūrī Kyūto moderu ga jūni sai desu ka?!) is the 204th episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 4th episode of its "5th Season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


Miryoku introduces Gekijou and Naomi to Manami Hanae, the Truly Cute magazine model who is famous for her cuteness and who is also the only twelve-year-old at Shooting Star Academy. They quickly warm up to her and become fast friends. Is Manami really as talented as she and others have claimed to be?


Character Appearances

Major Events




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