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Vivid Fashions of the Future
Episode 204
Episode Information
Kanji 今後の鮮やかなファッション
Romaji Kongo no azayakana fasshon
Air date January 26, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 3: Shocking Brain Thunder!!
Episode 5: Heart's Signature

Vivid Fashions of the Future (今後の鮮やかなファッション) is the 204th episode of Aikatsu! and the 4th episode of it's "5th Season". (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year"). The insert song for this episode is Trap of Love.


The next issue of Vivid Color Magazine is coming out, and the editors want a fresh and fashionable new face on the cover. The girl that they choose will have to be a master with walking down runways, as they are going to take the pictures right there as the girls are performing. Kokoro and Tsukino both want to be featured, but only one idol can pass the audition...


Johnny Bepp announces the Vivid Color modeling audition to his homeroom class, stating that only one girl can pass and be rewarded with the front cover photo of the next issue of the popular magazine. Tsukiko and Kokoro both sign up, but Kokoro seems hesitant considering she's not used to having Tsukiko as a rival. She says that this could be her opportunity to get used to it, as sometimes they'd be working as rivals, and that was something unavoidable.

Although they are rivals, they agree to practice runway walking together, as Tsukiko only has experience with posing for magazines, and Kokoro doesn't have any real modeling experience. However, they practice to the instrumental of Trap of Love and say that they are both going to try their hardest to win and be on the magazine's front cover.

When Kokoro is asleep Tsukiko takes a walk outside and decides to put together a good coord for the audition, as she believes that will make her feel more unique among the idols, as well as make a bigger impact on the judges, thus giving her a higher success chance. When she is finally satisfied with the Good Coord she put together, she goes back up to her room, taking one last look at the night sky. She then gets a quick burst of inspiration from the sky and completely redesigns her good coord, realizing that it couldn't just be made up of different card types to win, but the combination had to come from your feelings.

Soon, the day of the audition comes and everyone is abuzz with excitement. Tsukiko hopes to surprise the audience with her good coord creation, as she put all her heart into increasing her chances of winning and succeeds, being able to perform a Good Coord Special Appeal during her audition and successfully lands the modeling job on the front cover of the next issue of Vivid Color.

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