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The Self-Proclaimed Princess VS The Real Princess
Episode 258
Episode Information
Kanji 自称プリンセス VS 真プリンセス
Air date Feburary 15, 2018
Opening Shooting Star Shining
Insert Song The Unstoppable Fire and STAR DIAMOND
Ending Dreamin'
Episode Guide
Episode 54: ???
Episode 55: The Self-Proclaimed Princess VS The Real Princess(自称プリンセス VS 真プリンセス Jishō Purinsesu VS Shin Purinsesu) is the 258th episode of the Aikatsu anime and the 5th episode of it's "6th season (6年目 literally "Sixth Year").


After she was unable to get cards from a brand recommended to her by her Aikatsu Smart Phone due to it being a private one, Azami plans a duel fashion show between her and the brand's sole user. The loser will have to have to give a coord from their brand to the winner. Who is Azami's opponent, and who's going to win the fashion show duel?


Character Appearances

Major Events

Madeline and Azami compete in the Brilliant Queen Duel Fashion Show. Madeline wins the fashion show and gets the Brilliant Queen Coord.


  • This is the first time in Aikatsu! Passion Stars an idol runs out of energy during a performance and another idol had to help them recover.

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