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Dazzling Pon-pon Crepe Girl
Episode 206
Episode Information
Kanji 眩しいPON-PONクレープガール
Romaji Mabushii pon - pon no kurēpugāru
Air date February 9, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 5: Heart's Signature
Episode 7: Lovely Valentine's Fair
Dazzling Pon-pon Crepe Girl (眩しいPON-PONクレープガール) is the 206th episode of the "Aikatsu!" anime series, and the 6th episode of its of it's "5th Season". (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year").


The day of the Pon-Pon Crepe Girl Audition has finally arrived. With both girls pumped up to win the audition, and with the Pon-Pon Crepe audition being considered a big deal, Tsukiko considers that it's time to find herself a brand of her own. But after worrying herself searching for that "perfect brand" for nearly the whole week leading up to the important audition, will she be able to conquer both the stage of the Pon-Pon Crepe Girl and take another important step in idolhood.


Kokoro and Tsukiko are sitting in their homeroom class when Johnny Bepp announces that the time is near for the annual Pon-Pon Crepe Image Girl Audition. As they both have no other work that day, the two both excitedly sign up for the audition.

As the two idols are released from class, Tsukiko starts to get an impatient look on her face. As Kokoro asks her what's wrong, she answers that she doesn't have a favorite brand yet. Kokoro tells her not to rush it, but Tsukiko insists that she has to find one by the day of the audition.

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