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A Shy Flower's Special Audition!
Episode 208
Episode Information
Kanji シャイ花の特別オーディション!
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Insert Song Pretty Pretty
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 7: Lovely Valentine's Fair
Episode 9: Shiny⋆ Tristar&Soleil Story
A Shy Flower's Special Audition! (シャイ花の特別オーディション!) is the 208th episode of the Aikatsu! anime and the 8th episode of the "5th season" (5年目 lit. "Fifth Year")


For their first special audition, the girls need to be in groups of three. While Kokoro and Tsukiko agree to team up together, they need a third teammate to pass the audition. Then, a miracle happens in the form of a shy idol without any partners! Can the three pass their special audition together, and maybe even become friends with the shy new third member?


Kokoro remembers that she and Tsukiko have their first special audition to get their Mastery of Appearance the next day, but they still need another idol to perform with them in order to pass the audition. They go over a list of idols that they'd like to perform with, and then lose their trains of thought when they notice a panicked idol who's trying her best to keep her worries to herself, but noticeably can't.

The two go over to her and ask her what's wrong, and she reveals to them that she still doesn't have a single partner for the special audition. They tell her their story, and then ask if she would like to join them, to which she thankfully agrees.

The three try to bond with each other in order to have a better show, but every time they try to, the third idol, who's name they learned was Ume, always shrinks down to a whisper, almost as if she was uncomfortable around the two of them. They start practicing their song for the audition, Pretty Pretty, and Ume starts practicing with them. Her voice is cute and clear, almost like a professional singer.

She tells them she loves her idol activities, she's just shy in her personal life. Now having understood that, the girls' change into their chosen coords and perform Pretty Pretty for their special audition. They are then revealed to have passed the special audition and had all gotten their Mastery of Appearance.

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