Esprit Scent Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 7
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Miryoku Fujihana
Esprit Scent Coord (エスプリーセントコーデ Esupurii Sento Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Peacock's Charm.


Esprit Scent Top

A sparkling dark purple tank-top with dark gray and cream fur lining the bottom and chest. The fur is adorned with alternating gems and stones of amethyst and rose quartz. At the center of the chest is a single, large ruby on a silver base. Comes with a thick silver choker with three stones hanging from it, one ruby and two amethysts. Along with long silver gloves each with a dark gray and cream fur cuff.

Esprit Scent Skirt

A straight sparkling dark purple skirt with dark gray white fur lining the bottom. The waistband is pale gray with gems alternating in sizes and colors attached to it. Beneath it is a pale gray belt with silver studs all over it, along with a single silver chain.

Esprit Scent Boots

Tall pale gray boots with small gem-based studs all over the bottom. A piece of dark gray and cream fur swirls around the bottom and lines up with a matching colored cuff with three gems on it; an emerald, a pearl, and a diamond. The bottom of each boot is crimson with silver studs.

Esprit Scent Accessory

A pale gray circled accessory with a large emerald on a silver base. Attached to it are three pale gray feathers with pale purple gradient tips and tiny gem-like studs. Comes with silver stud earrings with a tiny chain attached to each. Three stones hang from the earring, two garnets and one rose quartz, along with three tiny bronze studs lined in silver, and a single amethyst droplet gem.