Fairy Magic (フェアリーマジック Fearī Majikku) is a private cute-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is Yuna Yoshida's favorite brand. It makes the user feel like a fairy. It is inspired by the magic of fairies. Its main user and top designer is Yuna Yoshida. Other users of the brand are Momoka Ichinose, Mika Nagasaki, Yuriko Kiyomura, Ayami Nagase, and Ayame Nagase. Its special appeal is "Magical Fairy Flash".



Yuna Yoshida chose to create the brand long after Manami Hanae became the muse of Sweet Lollipop. She wanted a brand that fits her fairy character perfectly, a unique brand that is all her own. She decided to call the brand that she created herself "Fairy Magic" after her love of and the magic of fairies.

Brand Concept

Created by the Fairy Idol Yuna Yoshida herself, this brand is inspired by the designer's love of fairies. Each Fairy Magic coord is made with the designer's magic spells and magic touch! With this brand, you will look and feel like a fairy. With the magic of fairies, shine with your own unique light!

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Yuna Yoshida.



Known Coords

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