Fame Addict Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode ???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Azami Nakamura

Fame Addict Coord (フェームアディクトコーデ Fēmu Adexikuto Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Beautiful Shine.


Fame Addict Halter Top

A gradient glittering halter top that starts out blue-violet and fades to light hot pink and orchid. Beneath the chest is a spiked shiny cyan piece of material lined in gold with a single dark purple amethyst in the middle, along with two turquoise droplet dangles. Printed on it are gems, pearls, fancy designs, and diamonds in the fabric. A single silver and gold brooch is sewn to the center of the chest. Attached to the top of the chest is a gold choker with a sapphire in the middle. Comes with a pair of matching gradient gloves that are darker in color and cut to shape beneath the fingers, each with a gold bracelet and a cyan cuff lined in gold.

Fame Addict Skirt

A glittering blue-violet skirt with designs of both paler and darker colors in the fabric. All over it are diamonds, gold accents, pearl chains, and gems. The waistband is teal silk with silver and gold lining and a single sapphire gem.

Fame Addict Sandals

Persian green sandals with a thick copper-colored strap on the foot with a sapphire and an emerald sewn to the center. From that to the ankle and back of the heel is a black strap, attached to a teal flap covering the heel. On this strap is a single dark pink rose.

Fame Addict Accessory

A large dark pink rose attached to a gold ornament adorned with two pale blue stones, one ruby gem, two amber stones, and two pearls. Comes with pearl dangle earrings attached to a crystal diamond on a silver base and a small turquoise droplet gem.