Famous Holic Coord
BrandBeautiful Shine
UserAzami Nakamura
Famous Holic Coord (フェーマスホリックコーデ Fēmasu Horikku Kōde) is a sexy-type rare coord from Beautiful Shine.


Famous Holic Shirt

A sapphire tank-top is worn beneath a glittering black and white top with a knot beneath the chest, adorned with five gems; one ruby, one emerald, one diamond, and two small amethysts. On each sleeve is a pattern of dark gray shapes and a blue pearl. Comes with one gold bangle bracelet, one silver bangle bracelet, and a double-layer platinum chain necklace with four diamond gems coming in topaz and garnet surrounding a large sapphire gem on a silver base.

Famous Holic Skirt

A straightened black and white skirt coated in glitter with the pattern around the bottom matching the sleeves but in solid silver. Two slits go up the corners with gray coloring. At mid-skirt is a glittery silver crescent design, while hanging from the waist is a gold chain belt attached to a piece adorned with five gems; one amethyst, one ruby, one emerald, and two diamonds.

Famous Holic Heels

Black heels with a single, sapphire wing on each side of the toe. Behind the ankle is a white silk bow from the straps that go in front of each ankle and foot. Worn with white long socks that have stretched out, fancy black designs on them. The cuff of each sock is pure white with a tiny amount of black ruffle on top.