"Idols, Managers, Designers, in the end, we all work to make others shine. Nous sommes vraiment tout de même, non?"— Firanzia Vice Ronaldi
"After all, to rule this stage is my divine right!"— Prince Vice - Stage introduction
Firanzia Vice Ronaldi
Firanjia Baisu Ronaldi
SeasonAny Aikatsu series

Aikatsu! Greatest Stars

Birthday DateNovember 13 (Scorpio)
Hair Colorblonde
Eye Colorblue
Home PlaceParis, France
Anime DebutAikatsu! Memoir of Idol Days
SeiyuuEri Kitamura
Singing VoiceChisato Nishimura (doujin vocalist) Sample
Idol Info
Alter egoPrince Vice
AuraBlue Crystals surrounded by constellations. The crystals have crowns floating over the tops of them
BrandHeartbeat Masquerade
SchoolDream Academy

Moonlight Academy (Aikatsu! Greatest Stars)

School CoordIndigo School Coord

Firanzia Vice Ronaldi (フィランジア·バイス·ロナルディ Firanjia Baisu Ronaldi?) AKA Prince Vice is a popular designer at Dream Academy. She used to be a cool-type idol, but she later changed tracks.

It is very rare, but she will still perform sometimes if she is specifically requested, and a large enough donation is made to the school. In such a case, she generally wears Heartbeat Masquerade coords.

She is also a main character in Aikatsu! Greatest Stars!


Firanzia has gentle dark blue eyes, fair skin, and light blonde hair. Her hair goes down to her mid-back and is always worn in a low ponytail tied with a white ribbon. Her bangs are uneven and hang in her face.
Firanzia has a very slender figure with few curves, which tends to cause people to mistake her for an effeminate guy. She is 5'6" tall.

At Moonlight Academy, she generally wears the girls uniform, but when she goes out she dresses in more masculine clothing.


Firanzia was born in Paris, France, where her mother is the editor for a popular fashion magazine and her father is a famous tailor. Despite being surrounded by fashion while she was growing up, Firanzia spent her childhood as an athlete, her favorite sports were baseball, soccer, and fencing. When Firanzia was eleven years old she was seriously injured during a baseball game, when a rookie pitcher accidentally hit her in the leg with a fastball and broke it. Her time in the hospital was also her first time ever seeing idols, when she was flipping through channels on the TV and she found herself drawn into a concert. Even though she had never cared for girly costumes or pop music, Firanzia felt as though becoming an idol was something she had to do.

Firanzia's family allowed her to move to Japan in order to pursue her new found dream, and her old sports teams all came to see her off at the airport when she left. Once in Japan she was able to use her family connections to enroll into Dream Academy with relative ease, and her athletic skills proved themselves invaluable to her as an idol.

Nearly a year after her idol debut, Firanzia announced that she would be retiring as an idol to become a designer at what was apparently her last concert. The announcement came as a huge shock to her fans.

She now works as a designer and is surrounded by mystery. Her sudden retirement is the second greatest mystery of the idol world, preceded only by Miya's retirement from Masquerade.
When allowing idols to wear her work, she looks for idols who will actually be able to make it to the top.

In truth, she wants nothing more than to stand on stage again.

Several years after her retirement, she learns about an experimental surgery trial for nerve repairs and signs up for it. Though it takes about 3 months for her to fully recover, she is able to return to the stage with more passion than ever.


Aikatsu! Greatest Stars

In this rendition, Firanzia never had to retire as an idol, though she still has a leg injury which causes her to be more careful. Despite her injury, she is one of her schools top idols and designers. Her roommate is Madeline Sycamore.


Firanzia is known to be very graceful, which has earned her the nickname "prince". As a designer, she treats all of her clients as princesses, doing her best to cater to every one of their needs. Firanzia never looses her cool. She is also easily amused when people mistake her gender.

Despite her elegant and graceful demeanor, Firanzia happens to be a complete slob in her personal life, and how she can find anything in her half of the dorm is a complete mystery, as is how that slice of pizza got stuck to the cieling. Around her friends she is incredibly crude and loves tasteless jokes and comments. Firanzia is also a pervert because she loves how people respond to her dirty advances.

Before becoming a designer, Firanzia was actually an idol. As more and more girls dreamed of becoming idols, Firanzia decided to switch tracks. She says that "there are so many idols, and not enough brands for all of them". At least, this is what she says. Her goal is to create many brands so that any idol can shine her brightest.

Like idols, Firanzia has her own aura, which takes the form of crystals surrounded by constellations. Though she no longer performs, when she gets really into a design her aura will show.

She enjoys designing outfits for her classmates to surprise them.

When not designing, Firanzia can be found practicing fencing or ballet.

Even though she no longer officially does idol work, Firanzia does participate in Aikatsu at school, mostly to guide her underclassmen.

Mannerisms and Speech

Firanzia has a more masculine stance, which causes her to be mistaken for a guy a lot when she isn't in her school uniform. Her general demeanor is far from traditionally feminine. When referring to herself, she uses "ore-sama".


Firanzia - Firanzia's name was taken from the Ar Tonelico games from the Hymnos language. It means "The End of the World". Though Firanzia is a character Miyazaki uses in all types of scenarios, she is originally a knight fighting a revolutionary war (which she started).

Vice - Vice refers to immoral and evil activities. This represents the darker side of the character, which can be seen in her darker styles of design. The character originally fights with the powers of chaos.

Ronaldi - Meaning unknown, but it sounds nice.

List of Brands

Performance Details

Mastery of Appeal

Firanzia is considered by many to be a master of appeals since she can use up to 6 in a performance with minimal difficulty. However, it is rare for her to use more than 3. For Firanzia, she considers her true mastery to be the timing and use of her appeals, making sure they time with the music and theme of the performance and that the choreography flows into the appeal perfectly. She doesn't repeat appeals when performing.

Mastery of Dance

Firanzia has a unique dance style which other people find near impossible to imitate. Her style combines the elegant footwork and transitions of ballet, the passion, flair, and hotness of flamenco, and the powerful steps and movements of hip-hop and para-para while having brief pauses in dramatic poses for serious power notes. This style of hers has no name and tends to leave others seriously out of breath when they try it.

Mastery of Singing

Firanzia is known for her incredibly powerful voice and her ability to hold a note for long periods of time. Her deep voice makes her stand out to an amazing degree when performing alongside others.


Masquerade - The legendary idol duo of the past. Masquerade serves as a huge inspiration to Firanzia.

Aikatsu: Wings of Radience

Madeline Sycamore - In the second episode of Wings of Radience, Firanzia gives Madeline the Blind Princess Coord, as she believes Madeline to be a special idol who can shine the way she never could. As the series continues, Madeline becomes a muse for Firanzia, and even offers her a way to fix the nerves in her leg in hopes of one day performing together. Madeline is an inspiration, a muse, and a valuable friend to Firanzia.

Aikatsu! Greatest Stars

Madeline Sycamore - Close friend and roommate. Firanzia is always the first to show up if Madeline starts to get exhausted, overwhelmed, or even just upset. As a result the media tends to say that the two of them are in a relationship, to which Firanzia generally makes jokes about in interviews.

Chiasa Akagi - TBA

Melody Fontana - TBA

Tsubaki Fujioka - Due to her shyness, Firanzia finds Tsubaki to be the easiest member of the group to tease, and her reactions tend to be absolutely adorable. Occasionally Firanzia takes her teasing too far, but she always does her best to make it up to Tsubaki when she does.

Arashiame Miki - As her producer, Firanzia has a lot of respect for Miki and has a lot of trust in Miki's advice for her performances. Firanzia relies on Miki a great deal for feedback and idol research, and in turn for her help Firanzia gives Miki vocal coaching. Firanzia rarely teases her.

Ayame Tomikami - Though Firanzia is nice to Ayame, she doesn't consider herself particularly close to her. Firanzia finds Ayame's calm nature hard to read and believes that Ayame is too polite at times.

Akira Tachibana - When is public, Firanzia loves to tease Akira almost as much as Tsubaki, but in Akira's case Firanzia teases her to help her keep up her bubbly image. Firanzia often worries thay Akira is too tense about her image, since Firanzia let's her own princely image collide with her crude nature all the time.


  • There are very few photographs from Firanzia's idol days, so her photos are very valuable
  • Firanzia Vice Ronaldi is Miyazaki11's favorite OC as well as her online persona.
  • During her idol days, Firanzia's preferred brand was LoLi GoThiC
  • Firanzia is the first designer to create and/or work on multiple brands
  • Firanzia is fluent in French, English, and Japanese
  • Firanzia often uses French words in her sentences
  • Firanzia favors her left foot during both sports and aikatsu
  • If one pays close attention, you will notice that anytime she is dancing or doing any sports, no matter how light they are, there is always a faculty member nearby watching her.
  • In Aikatsu! Memoir of Idol Days, we learn that the real reason Firanzia retired was due to nerve damage in her leg.
  • Firanzia doesn't care what pronoun people call her by
  • Firanzia is genderfluid
  • Though LoLi GoThiC is her favorite brand, Firanzia owns premium rare coords from every brand and uses them when she sees them as being right for the show.
  • Firanzia's charm points are her powerful voice, her stage presence, and her precise usage of appeals.
  • Similarly to Seira Otoshiro's rock arranges, Firanzia tends to add elements of metal to her performances.
  • Firanzia's favorite styles of music are ballad metal and cello metal.
  • Firanzia actually finds her perviness to be useful as a designer, since it causes her to pay more attention to people's bodies.
  • Firanzia's emblem is an elegant crown with devil wings.
  • This wiki's idol version of Firanzia is the only version that you would actually want to spend time with! In any other version, Miyazaki refers to Firanzia as her "precious murderous horrible depraved child"!
  • Firanzia refers to her fans as her "subjects".
  • Firanzia is the only top designer to manage more than one brand. To do this, she focuses on a different brand each season.
    • Spring - Forest Reverie
    • Summer - Blackwong Illusion
    • Autumn - War Song
    • Winter - Heartbeat Masquerade


Though Firanzia is not affiliated with any fanseries, ANYONE with an Aikatsu fanseries may use her in their own series, as long as they don't change her character.


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