First Modern Stage Outfit
AppearanceEpisode 01
BrandSilent Nova
UserHoshizora Seiya-chi
First Modern Stage Outfit (ファースト・モダン・ステージ服?) is Hoshizora Seiya-chi's first official stage outfit, which she gains during her first transformation. The outfit makes it debut in Seiya-chi no Starlight Uta Episode 01.


Her standard stage outfit is mainly pink. She wears a pink vest with a park pink lapel. The vest has silver trims and underneath the vest, she wears a light pink top. She wears a shirt with two layers. The top layer is bright pink while the second is pink. There are frills attached to the last layer. Those frills are whiteish-yellow. She wears pink boots with a silver/blue layer at the beginning. She also wears pink gloves with silver trims.


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