Flamboyant Kei Style Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Naomi Inoue
Flamboyant Kei Style Coord (フランボイアント系スタイルコーデ Furamboianto Kei Sutairu Kōde) is a rare coord by the cool brand Glam Glitter.


Flamboyant Kei Style Tank Top

A black and dark blue striped tank top lined in white with light blue diamond-shaped studs. It comes with black leather gloves with a dark blue bracelets and cuffs, both lined with gold studs.

Flamboyant Kei Style Jeans

Dark blue denim jeans with a black belt that has a gold buckle. The words Glam Glitter are in cursive and are sewn going down the side.

Flamboyant Kei Style Boots

Dark blue boots with a white solid toe, a gold heel, and a gold bottom. On each ankle is a neon blue guitar-shaped anklet lined in gold. The cuff is electric blue with gold lines and lining, and beneath it are two black straps held with gold star buttons.