Flying Coord
BrandWorld Sky
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 15
First Appearance (DCD)Part 3
Flying Coord (フライングコーデ) is a rare, cool coord from the brand World Sky. This coord made it's first appearance in the anime during Episode 15.


Flying Top

A puffy-sleeved white blouse with two, light blue stripes going down the sides. The shirt is worn with a dark blue neck tie, which is decorated with two, thick white stripes at the bottom. Comes with a translucent green scarf.

Flying Skirt

A two-layer skirt. The first layer is white, and is decorated with small amounts of sky blue ribbon, which are connected using small golden buttons. The second layer is made up of periwinkle frills.

Flying Boots

Tall, fluffy white boots with cobalt blue heels. Large powder blue laces go up the boot. On the cuff, there is a pin that is a sky blue heart with fluffy white wings sticking out the sides.

Flying Mini Hat

A white sailor hat with navy blue on the bottom, which is split by one white stripe. On the sides of the hat are two pale blue feathers. Comes with two blue stud earrings, shaped like two feathers crossing one another.