Four Seasons
Fō Shīzonzu
Unit Info
MembersHaru, Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu
Theme Song(s)Flowers of the Seasons
Four Seasons (Four Seasons?) or Fō Shīzonzu (フォーシーゾンズ?), some fans also nickname them Fōshī, is a idol unit consisting of four idols who are former Shooting Star Academy students that appear in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. They travel all over the world and perform at concerts.

List of Appearances

Episode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame

Four Seasons was seen on the poster of a Shooting Star Academy's transfer audition participant. They were seen again on another transfer audition participant's cellphone, showing a picture of them performing in Nara City.

Episode 2: Can the Two of Us Be Friends?

The Kiyoshi Twins Haruka and Reika show Gekjiou and Naomi an autographed poster of Four Seasons and a video of their concert in Uda city.

Episode 3: The Secrets and Mysteries of the Charming, Beautiful Flower

Gekijou and Naomi watch Four Seasons's concert in Ikoma City on their TV.

Episode 17: The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived!

Gejikou, Naomi, Miryoku, Manami, and Madeline watch Four Seasons's concert in Kawai Town on Madeline's TV in her suite.

Unit Information


Unit Dresses

Unit Songs

  • Flowers of the Seasons

Unit Stage

  • Season Magic Stage


  • Four Seasons is the first idol unit to have its members go by nicknames or pseudonyms.