French Starlight Coord
フランス スターライトコーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 51
First Appearance (DCD)Part 7
French Starlight Coord (フランス スターライトコーデ) is a normal sexy coord from the brand Crystal Queen. With the exception of the ribbon, this is one of Madeline Sycamore's casual coords.


French Starlight Dress

A dress composed of a white blouse that has a tiny design lining the collar. The skirt begins beneath the chest and is royal blue in color, and is decorated with turquoise sparkles. Comes with a gold necklace with a single pearl.

French Starlight Sandals

Medium sea green sandals with teal coloring on the heel of the feet and the strap across the foot. Attached to the strap is a white crescent moon shaped ornament, which is attached to a chain that hangs from a large teal gem on top of the foot.

French Starlight Ribbon

A sparkly royal blue ribbon decorated with white frilly patterns at the ends, with the two sides of the ribbon being held together by a small yellow star.