Fresh Sparkling Star Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 1
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Pikari Hoshizora
Fresh Sparkling Star Coord (フレッシュスパークリングスターコーデ Furesshu Supākuringu Sutā Kōde) is a normal, cute type brandless coord. It is Pikari Hoshizora's school coord.


Fresh Sparkling Star Top

A pale pink folded top worn over a glittering bubblegum pink collared shirt. The lapel is gold on top with the bottom pale blue and lined in yellow, both of which are coated in glitter. The top is lined in pale yellow, with white ruffles lining the bottom and shoulders. On the right of the torso is a light pink, magenta, and light purple argyle pattern. At the neck is a fuchsia ribbon and a blue button resting on a gold star. Comes with white and pale yellow cuffs and a single gold star bracelet alternating with pale blue spheres.

Fresh Sparkling Star Skirt

A three layered tutu with the top two layers lined in pale yellow. The top skirt is bubblegum pink with a large, yellow star surrounded by smaller light blue and light yellow stars, and pearls. The waistband has a dark yellow design around it. The second skirt has the argyle pattern of the top, while the third is pale blue with glitter coating.

Fresh Sparkling Star Shoes

Pale pink shoes with a dark yellow sole and a bubblegum pink toe to match the loose cloth flap. On the corner of the flap is a pale blue flap lined in pale yellow, along with a magenta bow that has a dark yellow star hanging from it. On the inner-side of the boot is a yellow ornate star surrounded by pearls and tiny light blue and light yellow stars. Comes with a pale yellow and pale pink ribbon that ties around the lower leg.