Fresh Twinkling Star Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 2
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Misora Ito
Fresh Twinkling Star Coord (フレッシュトウィンクリングスターコーデ Furesshu Tinkuringu Sutā Kōde) is a normal, pop type brandless coord. It is Misora Ito's school coord.


Fresh Twinkling Star Top

A yellow glittering tank-top with gold lining around the top and straps, which has a striping of pale pink and bubblegum pink. Over this is a split-design puffy-sleeved top, one side yellow-orange with a gold border, the other is a bubblegum pink argyle. Two white ruffles are on the sleeves with a dark yellow bow sewn to the middle of the top that has a pink gem on a gold star base hanging beneath it. Two gold bead chains hang from the top right to the lower left with charms of pale pink and gold stars. Comes with light yellow ruffled wrist cuffs lined in gold, a single bubblegum pink bead bracelet, and a pale yellow choker lined in light pink with a yellow ruffle sewn to the top.

Fresh Twinkling Star Skirt

A three-layered balloon skirt with the top two layers lined in gold to match the design around the waistband. The top layer is yellow with the gold ornate star, pearls, and smaller pale pink and bubblegum pink stars surrounding it. The second is argyle to match the top, while the bottom is yellow-orange with glitter coating.

Fresh Sparkling Star Shoes

Yellow boots with pale pink toe and a light pink sole. The ruffled cuff is split in color, one side yellow-orange and the other yellow. Sewn to the corner is a dark yellow bow with a star hanging from it. On the side of the boot is an ornate gold star design surrounded by tiny pearls and stars. The lower leg has ribbon of light yellow and light pink wrapped around it.