Fukawara Ranka
蘭花 Fukawara
Ranka Fukwara
Birthday Date10/30
Home PlaceAquastar
Singing VoiceWakatabe Haruka
Idol Info
Alter egoWakatabe Haruka

"I'm Fukawara Ranka also known as Ranka-chan a 15 year old girl HKT0048"

Rana is a 15 year old from Aquastar and first Generation of HKT0048 her Nickname is Ranka-chan or Ran she a minor character


she is always confident of what she does and always acts like a tough girl she sometimes act serious and look like that she would have no emotion 0%


Ranka was born on Aquastar (free banned planet )she had many friends but sometimes acted strange after school she would go to the Shooting range for fun she always loved singing and Reading about idols a year later she heard that there was a new idol group called HKT0048 she asked her Mother( a world champion swimmer ) and Father to Audition they accepted and let her audition 3 months later she got an email from the Mangers of HKT0048 and it said that she had passed the Audition she is the Only child of the family I wonder what will happen to her


Episode 1 : shadow of smile

Episode 2: A young girls dream

Episode 3 :

Episode 4


Hobby :Reading and rifle shooting

Favorite Food : rice and Chicken

Fav drinks:chocolate Milk

Skills:shooting and Swimming

became the 3rd which was created in the series

Daughter of world champion swimmer

does Yoga at times to take the stress off

Fears :Nothing

1st Generation Member