Funky Punk Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Alea Kita

Funky Punk Coord (ファンキパンクコーデ Fanki Panku Kōde) is a normal coord by the cool brand Baby Punk.


Funky Punk Top

A dark gray ruffled top with bright red coloring beneath the heart-shaped chest, adorned with two dark gray dot stud rows, while the chest has a dark purple ribbon sewn to it. Sticking out of each sleeve is a second layer colored light purple. A light gray vest is worn on top of this and held with a light gray belt accented with silver and gold. Comes with a chain necklace with a magenta bow attached, light gray fingerless gloves lined in silver, and gold belt-strap bracelets.

Funky Punk Skirt

A bright red skirt with several dots all over in coming in soft shades of cyan, purple, black, dark gray, indigo, hot pink, light purple, and dark red. Beneath the skirt is a black ruffled petticoat. Hanging from the waist is a light gray belt with a yellow-colored cat skull charm hanging from it.

Funky Punk Boots

Light gray boots with a black bottom and heel. Going up the center is dark gray and indigo detail, along with a bright red belt straps on the foot and around the cuff. Dark gray studs line the string portion, and dark yellow-green ruffled material sticks out from the top of each boot. Comes with short indigo lace socks with black and dark gray designs all over them.